Under the Republican majority, the US Senate votes to legalize hemp cultivation across the nation


In the United States, one of the Republicans’ main objectives is to counter the government, put an end to absurd regulations and free farmers to generate economic abundance across the country.

In a surprising initiative led by Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), leader of the U.S. Senate majority, the U.S. Senate passed legislation that would end the hemp ban and allow U.S. farmers to grow hemp.

A “golden age” for American farmers?

The decriminalization by the U.S. Senate of agricultural hemp production could trigger a golden era of economic abundance for American farmers. Hemp agriculture can produce seeds, oils, proteins, fibres and literally hundreds of by-products.

Currently, under the hemp ban laws in the United States, products must be imported from Canada or other countries. If the U.S. House of Representatives joins the Senate in passing this legalization law, we could see a real agricultural revolution across America (and lower costs for hemp products).

All this raises a question, however: Why did it take more than 80 years to correct the massive propaganda hoax that led to the criminalization of marijuana in the first place? And how has the state maintained propaganda so effectively for so many decades?

By the way, Russia’s hoax on today’s collusion provides some clues: if the FBI, DOJ and left-wing media are all conspiring to repeat a lie, half the country will believe it.

The false media have been lying about cannabis for almost a century, just as they continue to lie about natural medicine and herbal remedies. False news has long been pushed by the establishment to push people away from natural medicine. And now they are only legalizing it because they can no longer stop the wave of awakening of consciousness that is occurring in the world.

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