Massage this point on your body and relieve pain with this 5,000-year-old stimulation technique!


The sea of energy, this expression evokes the salty taste of the sea air and the image of floating sails… not to mention seasickness. But the expression has nothing to do with any of this!

The sea of energy is actually a pressure point between the naval and pubic bone which, when stimulated, is supposed to help relieve many ailments caused by a weakened immune system and digestive problems.

The magic of the sea of energy:

In the practice of acupressure in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the sea of energy is one of the most powerful pressure points. It is located in the pelvic region in what is called in TCM the sacred chakra.

According to an article in the journal Medical Acupuncture, chakras are nodes located throughout the body, through which energy resonates. These chakras function as pressure points and, when stimulated (with an acupressure finger or acupuncture needle), activate the flow of energy.

According to Michael Reed Gach, PhD, stimulating the “sea of energy” point strengthens the digestive, immune and reproductive systems. Gach also says that this simple action has the power to relieve constipation, gas, abdominal cramps, irritable bowel syndrome and menstrual cramps.

Learn to massage the point:

The sea of energy can be activated in a standing, lying or sitting position with a straight back and flat feet on the ground. Place the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of one of your hands along the line below the navel. Press gently until you feel a small firm spot. Press the acupressure point and breathe deeply.

Gach says that activating the sea of energy is also useful to increase libido and pleasure during sex. It can also help people with addiction problems to develop greater emotional stability.

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