4 types of soul mates you may encounter in life!


A true soul mate is in fact a person you know instinctively, who allows you to grow as a person in your relationship and with whom you connect intensely; soul mates are those who reflect you and propel you forward in your quest.
You can find a spiritual partner or a soul mate when you don’t expect it, but there can be up to 4 types, and have different relationships with each of them.

Here are 4 types of soul mates you may encounter in life:

1. Binocular Flames:

These people work together to overcome spiritual and emotional barriers, and the twin flames can talk too long and they will never run out of things to say.
You are both honest, so your relationship can last.

2. karmic soul mates:

This connection is karmic and deep, but painful because it includes struggles of the ego. Learning to overcome suffering and move through the relationship may be the only solution. You and this person have a twin connection. When you feel an intense emotion, you can feel what they are feeling.

3. soul mates in the past:

This type of relationship may seem comfortable and easy since these people may have been soul mates in their previous lives; your friendship may last, no matter how far or how long you may have been; this type of friendship may last forever.

4. healing soul mates:

Healing kindred spirits are people who arrive with intention, help you to move forward and give you life lessons, they appear exactly when you need to learn most what they need to teach you, and this friendship can only exist if your goals are aligned.
If your friendship or relationship with someone quickly intensifies, they can be your healing soul mate, often appearing when you try to solve old problems or manage repetitive patterns.

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