2 Amazing Tricks to Remove Foundation Stains From Clothing!


There’s nothing worse than being fully ready and realizing you have foundation on your clothes.

Liquid foundations will quickly absorb into the fibres of your clothing. So it’s better to act quickly.

Removing foundation stains is one of those problems every woman will have encountered and it’s frustrating.

But don’t worry; we have a simple trick which will remove stubborn makeup stains.

How to do it?

1- If you are wearing a silk or woolen garment, start by trying to remove as much of the foundation as possible with a small piece of cotton (when the stain is fresh).

Then wash your clothes with your usual washing detergent and you’ll get rid of this little problem.

2- If the fabric of your garment is made of cotton or any other material other than silk and wool, first use a cleanser to remove the maximum amount of product and let it dry a little while.

Then apply Marseille soap, scrub the stained area vigorously and place your garment in the washing machine. It will come out clean!


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